Beijer Electronics awarded as company of the year


Beijer Electronics wins the Malmö City Business Award as Malmö Company of the Year by Malmö Näringslivsgala!



Beijer Electronics wins the Malmö City Business Award as Malmö Company of the Year at Malmö Näringslivsgala.

The jury motivated their choice with the statement:

"With a long and steady presence in the city, the company proudly reflects its diversity through its employees.

With innovative technology of today and by uniting the global and the local, they have not only strengthened their position in the market but also contributed to the growth and development of the city.

Their success journey is an inspiring story of hard work, innovation and commitment to both Malmö and the world."



Kristine Lindberg, CEO of Beijer Electronics, comments on the award:

“Together with all employees at Beijer Electronics, we accept this award with great joy, gratitude, and pride. It has been a fantastically rewarding and fun process from the nomination until we are standing here today.

Beijer Electronics is on a growth journey and this nomination, and now also award, becomes a great opportunity for us to profile ourselves and attract new talent which is so important.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the nominees, emphasizing that each one of us can truly consider ourselves as winners as we can live and work in this wonderful, multicultural, and vibrant region with so many opportunities!

So, congratulations to all of us and a big thank you!"


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