BCS Tools 3.61- Download the latest version now!

BCS Tools

Upgrade your BCS Tools software to the latest version for enhanced Nexto controller configuration.

Based on CODESYS technology, BCS Tools provides comprehensive resources for programming, debugging, and simulating applications across all project scales using Nexto and Nexto Xpress products.

This is what you get in BCS Tools 3.61:

  • Significant improvements in communication driver performance, IEC 61131-3 editor usability, device communication, and cybersecurity.
  • Native support for CODESYS V3.5 SP18, optimizing communication with devices, the usability of IEC-61131-3 editors.
  • The project opening and compilation process has also been optimized for better performance.
  • Enhancements also cover cybersecurity features, Webserver system editor, Motion Control libraries for XP350 PLC, and optimized communication drivers for various protocols.
  • Features like multiple station login return, access to release notes within BCS Tools, support for new languages such as Mandarin, German, French, Italian and others, and integration with CODESYS PDE for project development are also included.
  • Added BFI Modbus TCP Configurator
  • Added BootP Server
  • Added Advanced PID Control function block PIDA to all Beijer devices.
  • Added “Professional Developer Edition” support through an option selected during the install process. Functionality differs based on the selected device. Requires a Codesys license for activation
  • Added Git integration
  • Added support for Static Analysis Light

Download BCS Tools 3.61 here for an upgraded user experience.

Learn more about BCS Tools here.