The importance of best-in-class data communication in industrial applications


Data communication is a major consideration in any technical development for industrial systems. Beijer Electronics has recently started working closely with the sister company and data communication specialists Korenix to foster knowledge-sharing and sales initiatives that are benefiting the customers of both companies.


In this paper:

We will look at how data communication can help organizations build secure, robust solutions in diverse industrial environments.


Background to data communication

Data communication means transmitting data from one point to another. There are many ways of doing this, from copper and fibre-optic cables to wireless and cloud connectivity. Within each of these methods there are different components and protocols, and different ways of packaging data. Data communication components include routers, network switches and remote access devices. Beijer Electronics, along with Korenix, embeds robust data communication into its design philosophy, ensuring customers have access to best-in-class solutions. Data help companies to make decisions based on facts, rather than based on gut feelings, opinions, and emotions. And in mission-critical businesses a reliable availability of solid data is key. 

Industrial vs commercial data communication

Commercial data communication solutions exist everywhere in applications such as home computing and smart household devices. Here, components are simple and available off-the-shelf, allowing for mass production and ease of use. Industrial data communication takes this concept and embeds it into tougher environments where applications are more complex, and the stakes can be a lot higher. These data communication devices often differ significantly from their commercial counterparts. When a router or switch fails in an industrial setting, it is not as straightforward as simply ‘turning it off and on again’. Contingency plans have to be built in, and downtime carefully planned. Many industrial data communication devices have ‘redundant power’ features, where alternative supplies kick in automatically in the event of power outages or cable breaks. In tough environments where components are exposed to extreme conditions, they must be rugged and reliable. Development of these products focuses on minimizing risk of failure, longer lifespans, sometimes up to 8-10 years, better noise immunity and heat resistance.  




Certification and security features

Some industries have high demand on certification requiring products and components to meet certain standards for example IEC 61850-3, EN 50121-4 and others. Data communication devices developed by Beijer Electronics and Korenix adhere to and exceed regulatory expectations in a variety of industries including manufacturing, infrastructure, and energy. Security is another important consideration within data communication. While impossible to eliminate risk completely, it is essential to minimize the chance of data breaches and help companies maintain networks that are secure. Again, within industrial data communication, the risks and the potential for serious ramifications are heightened, so products have to be developed with security as a prominent focus. 


The importance of data communication in digitalization

For Beijer Electronics, digitalization has been an important focus of its technical evolution and offering. In the past, machines displayed analogue panels, dials, and gauges. Now, data communication solutions are helping to digitize control panels, leading to the potential for more and more devices to become connected. Of course, as connectivity increases, so does risk and exposure to external threats. That is where the data communication expertise of Beijer Electronics and Korenix can add the most value. The closer collaboration with Korenix means Beijer Electronics customers gain access to the best products and the right support to develop increasingly complex applications. A solution that meets the demands of mandatory cyber security directives from for example the NIS Directive — ENISA ( or from local government. In a digital world, this data communication expertise is helping companies upgrade and modernize their legacy machines, while keeping risks to a minimum. 


A holistic solution wherever you are in the world

Beijer Electronics and Korenix now work closely together within the areas of sales, supply chain, product management and development, with greater information sharing and collaboration on customer projects. This pooling of industry-leading experience and expertise delivers greater value to customers by looking at every element of their application and offering holistic solutions that contain best-in-class HMI panels, control systems and other automation equipment, as well as the most advanced data communication components. Solutions that are available for customers world-wide through Beijer Electronics presence and distributor network in both EMEA, the Americas and APAC.




Industrial grade quality

Our range of data communication products offer industrial grade quality by industrial certifications and features designed for various harsh industrial environments.

Cyber security embedded

Korenix has developed cyber security features that meet the IEC-62443-4-2 standards and provide a secure reliable network infrastructure in your applications.

Fast recovery redundancy

Redundancy and the patented seamless restoration provide a fast, stable restoration with no packet loss, broadcast storm or negative network influence.

Full network management

Managed switches support network management features such as MSR, RSTP, VLAN, QoS, IGMP snooping, etc. and MODBUS TCP, Ethernet/Managed IP for industrial integration.


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