Korenix switch with M12 connectors for smart transportation

Smart cities use new and modern technologies to make transportation of people and goods smoother, more cost efficient and safer – for the city and for the individual. Having access to data from the transportation network allows administrators to monitor, track and identify issues. With data it is possible to identify areas where efficiency can be improved and to make the best use of resources.


When secure data collection is key

The unmanaged switches JetNet 3808G-M12, JetNet 3908G-M12, JetNet 3508-LVDC and JetNet 3508G-LVDC are the new generation M12 Ethernet switches designed for harsh environments and suitable for applications used on for example train, buses and metro systems.

In transportation, operating conditions can be harsh due to temperature, vibration or shock. The JetNet 3808G-M12/3908G-M12 switches from Korenix are equipped with M12 connectors and are suitable for example in IP surveillance applications that require PoE (Power over Ethernet) in railway transportation systems or metro systems. The switch design is IP41 classified and wall mounted, with an operating temperature range - 40 to 75 . The switches work perfect in vehicle or railway electrical power systems and support several types of input voltage ratings to correspond with different systems.

Multiple standards and reliable power sourcing

Korenix is one of the few industrial ethernet switch manufacturers that has received the ITxPT approval. Korenix JetNet M12 switches comply with multiple standards, such as railway standards EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN50121- 4 and traffic standard E-mark E13.

The devices have built in power ignition management where the switch remains in standby mode when vehicles ignition is turned off with fixed settings between 0-15 minutes. As an example, in transportation applications, when the engine of a vehicle switches off, the PoE switch will power devices like surveillance cameras, IP phones, DVRs etc according to the settings.

In addition, the switches are designed with dual 9 to 36VDC power input. The above power features ensure a reliable power sourcing.


High speed transmission

JetNet 3508G-LVDC, 3908G- M12 and 3808G- M12 are full industrial gigabit unmanaged switches. JetNet 3508-LVDC has one gigabit uplink port. This will help you to build an intelligent transportation system that require high speed transmission of data.



Learn more about the unmanaged switches with M12 connectors:

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Jetnet 3508-LVDC *PoE not available

JetNet 3508G-LVDC *PoE not available


Choose Korenix switches with M12 connectors for your transportation application:

• Suitable for harsh environments
• Complies with multiple standards and certifications within rail and vehicle
• Power feeding 15.4W/30W, compliance with IEEE 802.3af
• High speed transmission of data