Östorps Bevattning is saving water and energy with flexible pump control

Östorps Bevattning has over 50 years of experience providing customers with irrigation solutions. With frequency inverters from Beijer Electronics, Östorps bevattning has developed a unique concept based on their long experience in the industry. Many of their systems are monitored with an X2 HMI panel and alarms and data is being accessed remotely through their own app, proving security and ease of use for their customers.


Customer case: Östorps Bevattning irrigation solution with Beijer Electronics AB on Vimeo.

Water is a limited resource we be used resourceful and with low energy consumption. An important part of the pump solutions Östorps Bevattning offer customers is Beijer Electronics' frequency inverters. Because they are encapsulated, they do not require any installation or cabinet fitting. The Frequency inverters are programmed with a software that controls the pumps, and Östorps Bevattning have developed a concept based on their long experience in the irrigation industry. The concept can be reused and scaled up or down based on the customer's needs.

For larger systems the solutions is equipped with an X2 panel, giving the possibility to connect during service and provides access to operational data. Many of Östorp's customers' choose to connect their systems so they can see the status of their systems through an app, and where they receive notification and alarms if something happens, which gives them the security that they appreciate.

The independence of Beijer Electronics' frequency inverters provides redundancy, which means that if one system goes down, the other pumps automatically takes over and compensates for the lost unit.

"I believe that in the future there is a further need to be resourceful with our natural resources and think how to be more efficient. Water is an important parameter when we need to develop smarter farming with a growing global population." says Peter Johansson, CEO at Östorps evattning.

Watch the video to learn more about Östorps Bevattning and solutions within irrigation solutions in Sweden.


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