Keeping friends in touch from Luleå to L.A.

Our need to communicate is eternal, only the tools we use change over time. Today, Facebook is one of the world’s leading social media, letting over one billion users keep in touch with friends and family on the Internet. Highly advanced technology and effective automation make it possible.

In 2013, Facebook Data Center in Luleå opened, the latest of several facilities where tens of thousands of data servers keep Facebook users all over the world constantly connected. The data center in Luleå is Facebook’s first outside of the US and with its 10,000 servers the largest server hall in Europe. The building is enormous, covering over 28,000 square meters today - and with possibilities for expansion in the future. When fully developed, the energy required to run and cool the data servers in the building will equal that of a medium-sized Swedish town!

Naturally, to minimize energy consumption is an important issue when building a data center of this magnitude, for economic as well as environmental reasons. In Luleå Data Center advanced technology will allow the outside air to be used for cooling and an automated control system provided by Beijer Electronics will monitor and optimize energy consumption at all times.

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