Zero downtime and improved productivity at Cleano Production

Cleano Production in Älgarås, Sweden fills detergents in different types of containers for the restaurant and healthcare sector by using automated filling machines. One of their filling machines was in need of rebuilding and Cleano Productions maintenance manager Stefan Johansson contacted Assemblin in Töreboda. One of their technician Conny Mellgren, with many years of experience in automation and programming, contacted Beijer Electronics for support. The old machine was run with an old Siemens PLC and a servo by ABB. 





The filling machine at Cleano production was getting increased numbers of unexpected downtime without any clear explainable cause. Conny Mellgren tells us: “Sometimes the machines would stop and then just randomly restart when someone was pulling the cables. The customer asked me for a solution, and I recommended to exchange the current application and replace with new products from Beijer Electronics.“


To minimize production loss the rebuilding was done over a weekend. The installation and commissioning went exactly according to plan. The productivity was further increased by allowing operators to adjust positioning and filling speed for the recipe needed due to the fluids different viscosity and tendency to foam. The new automation solution was upgraded with the BoX2 pro motion used as the controller and a modern X2 pro HMI for the operator interface. The servo solution was using two BSD servos of 1 kW and 5 kW.


Since the installation was complete, there has been zero downtime and the solution has improved the productivity significantly. Production changeover is now handled by changing recipes directly in the X2 pro HMI. This makes changes easy when needing to adjust speed and control of the filling machine to match the detergents viscosity and tendency to foam.


Conny Mellgren technician at Assemblin recommended to upgrade the machine with a Beijer Electronics solution, and the unexpected downtime stopped with the new application in place.