Robust solution ensures technology and traffic in the City Tunnel

The City Tunnel in Malmoe, Sweden, connects the railroad north of Malmoe with the railroad towards Trelleborg, Ystad and Copenhagen, a 17 km long rail link under central Malmoe. The City Tunnel features a multitude of subsystems including electrical systems, lighting systems, information systems, fans, fire fans, air conditioners, pumping stations, elevators, escalators and doors, etc.


Design and plant were specified and based on the project's security policy with strict demands of high reliability and accessibility. All systems must work smoothly with high availability and be able to exchange data and function together in a technical teamwork but also be able to communicate with different overlaying systems.


The control solution in the City Tunnel is a further development of a well-tested communication concept, proven in other infrastructure projects. At the bottom lies a stable modular PLC system collecting data from different subsystems. The overall systems include the Swedish Transport Administration's own GELD system for operational control and monitoring of tunnels and installations. Between them, Beijer Electronics' Ethetnet-based protocol IEC 870-5104, makes the PLC communicate directly with the GELD system. The solution also includes a number of communication networks controlled by switches, converters and fiber-optic modems. All systems feature redundancy to provide the highest degree of availability.


The advanced automation and data communications solutions have given the City Tunnel of Malmoe, a solution with a high level of availability and security, and at the same time provided a simpler and cheaper operation.