Aksoy Hidrolik adds value to mobile cranes in harsh conditions

Aksoy Hidrolik was established in Konya, Turkey in 2004 as a system integrator offering solutions for mobile and industrial hydraulics and automation. The company has been offering consultancy and integration services in mobile vehicle’s hydraulic and automation solutions ever since.




The solution Aksoy Hidrolik has provided is being used for a mobile crane vehicle to control and monitor cable-laying of subway line power cables. The vehicles that are being equipped with this solution are most often operating in challenging outdoor environments with temperature variations and high vibrations. The crane is controlling different functions, so requirements for the automation equipment is that it needs to be both rugged and distributed.

Operator panel_control system


Aksoy Hidrolik solution from Beijer Electronics is a CODESYS based control solution, using distributed I/Os running CODESYS control software and X2 pro HMIs and iX Developer software.

With a distributed control system, they control all hydraulic and electronic system in a safe and easy way with one point of access. The result is that they have been able to achieve a compact installation saving space in the control cabinet, decreasing costs and at the same time reducing the complexity in the solution. With Beijer Electronics PWM (Pulse width modulated) modules, hydraulic valves can be controlled proportionally in accordance with the analog inputs from angle sensors. This means the hydraulic system can be run more sensitively and the vehicle can be stabilized on the railway when in operation.

From the X2 pro HMIs, the operators can monitor and control the vehicle’s system on a bigger screen with a better overview than before, improving the user experience both in the driver cabin and in the crane suspended personnel platform.

Compact control system with HMI operator panel_beijer electronics


Why Beijer Electronics?

The customer was looking for a less complex solution, setup with rugged components and an open, flexible software. What Aksoy Hidrolik has been able to achieve is a control system with a user- friendly monitoring system and a professional control solution in a rugged environment. Having one supplier for the complete automation system has been appreciated and made it easy to work with.

“We first came in contact with Beijer Electronics in 2017 about an application to control a crane outrigger and monitoring the system with HMI. Since then, we are very satisfied with the Beijer Electronics sales support for choosing the best products fit for our application. However challenging the application might be, we always get great technical support during commissioning.  We would like to say that Beijer Electronics products and support is as ‘tough as Swedish Steel’”, says Emre Aksoy, Co-Founder, Aksoy Hidrolik.


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