Aquaculture and fish farming

Aquaculture and fish farming

The aquaculture and fish farming industry include a wide range of different enterprises supporting the entire chain of culturing, taking, processing, packaging, storing and transporting fish and seafood products to distributors and consumers all over the world. We collaborate with machine builders and system integrators within the fishing industry, providing them with software, hardware, services and support. Our offer enables machine builders and system integrators to create modern automation solutions where communication with other systems and cloud connectivity are fully integrated.


Unique solutions

Meet challenging application demands by using our open standard software and products to create unique solutions with dedicated functionality, advanced CODESYS control, intuitive operator interaction and the required connectivity.

Clever connectivity

Create reliable, secure connectivity between technical systems, production lines and IT systems with our data communications products and communicate via OPC UA using our IIOT ready HMIs and BoX2 gateways via OPC UA.

Advanced CODESYS control

Take advantage of our modern control system solutions by our controllers, HMIs and distributed IOs with powerful integrated CODESYS PLC functionality. CODESYS is the leading hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 development tool on the market.

Accelerate to digital now

Gain insights to streamline your installation or machines operation or maintenanceand visualize data in dashboards with our acirro+ IIoT cloud platform. A solution equally well suited for retrofitting and for new machines.

Customer case from Florwaag Elektronikk

The FMCS system is controlled through an X2 marine 7" HMI panel running iX HMI software, to control and adjust all the different monitors on the bridge, including marine monitors Wave II from Beijer Electronics.


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Products for aquaculture and fish farming


The X2 series of HMIs combine great design with strong performance to power your water and wastewater solutions. The X2 series matches almost every requirement and lets you choose from a powerful range of more than 50 models and additional options.


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iX HMI software

Are you ready to modernize your operator interface? iX Developer software together with X2 HMIs will help you to achieve that goal. iX software combines top-class graphics with pre-styled objects and intuitive operation. And our X2 HMIs communicates with any type of PLC, regardless of brand.


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Move your machine data to the cloud

Set up a secure cloud connection and begin moving machine data to the cloud using our acirro+ IIoT platform. Viewing machine data in visual dashboards gives great overview and insights to streamline your machine’s operation, creating new business opportunities. Accelerate to digital now!


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Protocol converters and IIoT gateways

BoX2 is a series of protocol converters, IIoT gateways and edge controllers that combine clever connectivity with smart functions such as local data base storage, alarm servers, data exchange, reporting, C# scripting, etc. BoX2 is easily configured with just a few clicks.


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CODESYS-based control systems

We offer modern control system solutions by our controllers, HMIs and distributed IOs with powerful integrated CODESYS PLC functionality. High performance hardware delivers safe and fast program execution providing an up-to-date control solution for your application.


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Data communication

Beijer Electronics offers a perfect platform for industrial data communication supported by in-house technical specialists. We offer world-leading IP-based communication products such as routers, switches, modems and converters.


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Watch this video and see how JT Mekaniske, a supplier of equipment for the fishing industry, uses modern CODESYS-based technology to control an entire packaging line from a single X2 control HMI.

Customer case: JT Mekaniske

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