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Beijer Electronics HMI solutions let you startup a single generator, power a complete genset and control the power flow throughout the set of generators. Letting gensets work in a network offers load balancing possibilities where multiple generators operate in parallel. This is often applied for mission-critical facilities like hospitals, large data centers and government facilities.

Operators can see status or alarms on any of the gensets as global data thanks to data exchange features in our iX HMI software. We secure reliable, resilient data communication by using a redundant fiber network between the gensets.

Adding a CloudVPN gateway to the network makes it possible to access generators remotely to perform software upgrades and maintenance, configure and monitor data communication and give remote support to a service engineer on site.

How it works

A secure redundant fiber network is established between gensets and connected to each HMI via a managed Ethernet switch. This is a highly secure way to ensure 24/7 uptime and monitor the environment for unauthorized equipment.

The HMI software enables data exchange between gensets, while a distributed alarm server lets operators see the alarm status of other gensets in the network

The encrypted CloudVPN gateway gives remote access to all HMIs in the network to perform remote maintenance, get status information, and more. It provides dashboard information from data collected in the gensets to onsite operators and/or service engineers.


  • Easy to establish a secure redundant network between gensets
  • Simple data exchange for operating gensets in parallel
  • Information shown as local and global on HMIs
  • Remote access reduces service costs and simplifies servicing


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