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Our smart, touch-panel HMIs make it easy for operators to get status information about energy production, genset health, operation times and more. Built to withstand the toughest environments and with an intuitive graphic user interface, they make it easy for personnel to control and interact with the genset.

Operators get notifications either by SMS or mail and can follow HMI information on any mobile or tablet. Notifications they receive include malfunctions where someone needs to act, low fuel levels, high/low oil pressure, failed engine start, open enclosure, etc.

Our HMIs are scalable and can communicate with extra equipment such as cooling exhaust systems, lubrication, battery charging and more to provide a complete local monitoring and operating solution.

How it works

Beijer Electronics HMIs are easy to integrate with standard communication protocols. The HMI communicates with the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of the genset via MODBUS protocol. If the ECU communicates via CAN1939 communication protocol, a Nexto Xpress PLC can be inserted between the HMI and the ECU to support it.

By introducing a Nexto Xpress PLC, the PLC will be able to carry out other tasks as it includes IOs and PLC control capabilities.

We offer different products such as distributed IOs, BFI frequency inverters and Ethernet switches to integrate with any extra equipment. All our products are industrial grade quality with a proven track record and references from many different industries.


  • Easy to establish a secure redundant network between gensets
  • Simple data exchange for optimal genset operation
  • Information can be shown as local and global on the HMIs
  • Remote access reduces service costs and simplifies servicing

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