Smart property grid

View all properties, only changed or your personal favorites. Easily edit, copy or compare the properties or actions of any object.


Your own setup of favorite properties

The property grid contains a special group with all your personal favorite properties. This group is unique for each object type and can be edited freely to suit your needs. By entering favorite edit mode properties are added or removed with a single click. A set of standard properties are available for you to use when you install the software.


Quick edit


By entering "show only favorites", and undocking the property grid, you can place the window anywhere on the screen area to get quick access to your preferred properties.


Show changed properties

By choosing "changed property" you´ll get a quick overview of all changed properties for the selected object. When working with several objects on the same screen it becomes easier to control if everything have been set correctly.


Copy properties between different objects


The property grid allows you to copy all or selected properties from an object. The properties can be copied to one ormore objects of different types simultaneously. If source and target doesn't have matching properties, the iX software will apply only the selection of properties that are available for copying. This is not only a feature for properties, actions can also be copied between objects.


Pre-defined functionality and multi action


An easier and more intuitive way to create actions is implemented in the property grid, providing a complement to the ribbon menu. A graphical user interface makes it easy to create and visualize multi actions. The button object has pre-defined functionality. Functionality for momentary, toggle, set tag and reset tag is done with one click.