All the performance you need

The X2 series includes panels for all performance needs.

Fast screen changes and program execution are delivered throughout the X2 range by power efficient ARM9 processors all the way up to the latest quad core ARM Cortex-A9 processors. Panels are equipped with single, dual or quad core processors, giving the operating system vast resources to execute program tasks.

Delivering 3 times the performance of TxA panels and 1.5 times the performance of TxB panels, the X2 pro provide you with all processing power you need in your HMI application. And with 10 times the CODESYS performance of TxA SoftControl and 2 times the performance of TxB SoftControl, the X2 control delivers super-fast control program execution. Also note the performance improvement achieved by simply upgrading the iX software to version 2.20.

In X2 panels with PLC functionality, the control functionality by CODESYS, runs on dedicated CPU cores for safe and fast program execution.