HMI panels

The X2 series is the next generation of HMI panels

Six product families combine great design with strong performance to power your HMI solutions. Create smart integrated solutions boosted by iX HMI software.

A match for every requirement

X2 base

Cost-effective industrial HMI panels with high-resolution touch-screens and modern design.

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X2 pro

High performance of powerful ARM Cortex-A9 processors, the latest screen technology and a wide range of connectivity options.

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X2 marine

User-friendly, reliable operation off-shore, on ships and in other maritime applications.

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X2 control

Combines industrial HMI and CODESYS PLC functionality in the same compact hardware.

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X2 extreme

Designed to perform in rugged outdoor environments and in hazardous areas where gases, vapors and dust are present.

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X2 web

For enterprises and users who wants to utilize HTML5 web technologies in industrial environments.

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Benefit from an extensive list of drivers

Within iX Developer, you get almost limitless connectivity to your other equipment through the extensive list of drivers.


iX HMI software – why you’ll love our hardware

iX combines top-class vector graphics and easy-to-use functions that provide reliable operation, and almost limitless connectivity.

X2 web HMI

The X2 web HMI panels offer visualization for industrial environments with Chromium Kiosk mode operation of single browser window web pages from PLCs or other devices with built-in web servers.

IIoT ready

Our X2 HMI panels are now IIoT ready by standard and fully prepared to enable you to move your machine data to the cloud.

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Robust reliability

The robust die cast aluminum body offers great resistance to mechanical stress. We’ve redesigned the electronics and made other improvements to further enhance solid operation.

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A simple path forward

It’s easy to upgrade your existing iX HMI solution to the X2 series.

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2 year warranty

We offer a two-year standard warranty for all operator panels in the X2 series.

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All the certificates you need

Strong. Stylish. Smart.

The X2 series is the next generation of HMIs from Beijer Electronics. Six product families combine great design with strong performance to power your HMI solutions. Create smart integrated solutions boosted by iX HMI software.

Profile your brand with customized X2 front foils

Link the user experience of your machine to your visual identity. Choose between basic branding for smaller quantities and extended branding with more graphic options for larger quantities.

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Webinar - X2 series HMI panels with a match for every requirement

In this webinar we will look at: • Why choose X2 series? • Use iX HMI software to modernize your operator interface • Get a technical overview to understand the power of the hardware

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Upgrade to X2

It's easy to upgrade your existing iX HMI solution to the X2 series.


Eco-friendly cooling systems

Shuangliang Eco-Energy is a global manufacturer of eco-friendly cooling systems, listed amongst the top 500 companies in China. Shuangliang partnered up with Beijer Electronics for a modern operator communication and a kickstart of their digital journey.

A strong grip of environmentally friendly handles

Persson Innovation was the first company in the world to produce a handle made of 100% paper, making it completely recyclable. With the latest upgrade, they have been able to increase their efficiency with 44% and improved the quality of their product.


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What is HMI?

A HMI (human-machine interface) is the user interface that connects an operator to the controller for an industrial or technical system. HMIs translate data from industrial control systems into visual representations of the systems. On the HMI, an operator can see schematics of the systems and interact with different parts of a process e.g. turn switches and pumps on or off, raise or lower temperatures, etc.

The interaction between operator and machine happens most often directly on the touch screen of the HMI, but are in some cases combined with keypads, function keys or external keyboards. HMIs are usually able to communicate directly with a variety of programmable logic controllers (PLC) and other industrial controllers, and additional cloud connectivity is an increasing trend for newer HMIs. HMIs are often offered as off-the-shelf products, however with several additional options and some possibilities for customization.