Long-distance monitoring of pump stations

Application challenge

To collect and transmit data securely from geographically widespread pump stations for water supply and monitor the pump stations centrally without establishing wired connections from each station.


The solution uses the JetWave 4110L outdoor LoRa gateway located at each pump station to establish a private network transmitting data to the control center. Thanks to the RF (radio frequency) high output power and high sensitivity design, the JetWave 4110L provides a transmission distance up to 40 km, proving to be a good choice for geographically widespread applications.


A high performance and secure industrial wireless network made for seamless connectivity with minimum installation costs providing the data needed for continuously monitoring pump stations and water supply.


LoRa Gateway

The LoRa Gateway series equips with one embedded LoRa module, one M12 connecter, 1 serial port and 1 AI/DI and 1DO. With the LoRa (Long Range) technology, it supports up to 21k DL/UL for wireless communication.

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