G series distributed IO

For industrial applications

The G series distributed IOs provide you with supreme field and bus connectivity for smart integrated solutions through a wide range of IO modules for almost any signal type. Communicate with overlying systems or other equipment via widely used communication protocols by combining slice IOs with a network adapter module to match your requirements. Whatever configuration you choose you can easily advance to a powerful distributed CODESYS control solution.

Total connectivity

Communicate effectively with other equipment or systems via widely used industrial communication protocols. G series network adapters offer Ethernet interface as a programming port.

Fully certified

The G series conforms to the CE, UL and FCC standards making it suitable for tough industrial applications anywhere.


Plug in, plug out

Modules feature removable terminal blocks (RTB). Unplug the RTB, release the DIN rail lock and slide off the module you want to exchange. Insert the new one, lock – and plugin the RTB with all wiring fixed. Done.

Advance to CODESYS control

Upgrade your distributed IO solution to an advanced IEC 61131-3 CODESYS control solution simply by replacing the standard network adapter with a CODESYS controller module.

Build to size

Build your system to the exact size, specifications and IO signals for your needs . An IO node can be expanded from just a few slices up to 63 slices when needed.

Integrated solutions

The G series perfectly complements our range of hardware and software products enabling you to create integrated solutions and control, connect and present data.

Find the building blocks for exactly the configuration you need

Network adapter modules

Communicate with other equipment or systems via widespread industrial communication protocols, such as EtherCAT, MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU, etc.


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CODESYS controller module

Offers integrated IEC 61131-3 PLC functionality, retain memory, built-in network adapter, etc.


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Digital input modules

Connect to your process with 12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC and 220VAC input modules. Each digital input module has from 4 to 16 input points.


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Digital output modules

From 4 to 16 output points. Sink, source, relay or MOS output. 24VDC/0.3/0.5A/2.0A, 110VDC/VAC/1.0A and 240VDC/VAC/0.5A.


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Analog input modules

Modules are available with 4 or 8 channels input. 12 Bits resolution. RTD and thermocouple as well.


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Analog output modules

Voltage and current output types. Available with 4 or 8 channels. 12 Bits resolution.


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Special modules

Special modules include high-speed counter modules, serial interface modules, etc.


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Power modules

Power modules include expansion power modules, field power distribution modules, etc.


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Beauty in the details

Clever details make installation, service and modification less complicated. G series IO nodes are easily mounted on a standard 35mm DIN rail with removable cage clamp connection terminals.


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Advance to CODESYS control

Upgrade your distributed I/O solution to an advanced IEC 61131-3 CODESYS control solution simply by replacing the standard network adapter with a CODESYS controller module. A powerful CODESYS-based alternative to a traditional compact or modular PLC.


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