Beijer Electronics lands new order from Bombardier


Beijer Electronics has through its wholly-owned subsidiary Westermo secured its without comparison largest order of Ethernet products. The order worth 1.5 million USD concerns a project Bombardier has won for the Chicago Transport Authority (CTA) in the United States. Beijer Electronics will deliver Ethernet routers and switches to a total of 406 cars to be produced and delivered to the CTA during the next couple of years.

This project for the CTA in the United States is one of several rail projects where Beijer Electronics and Bombardier are working together. Already today there are trains operating in Germany and the Netherlands with on board networks based on Ethernet technology.

– Receiving this order shows that Beijer Electronics is in the forefront of industrial data communications. It is a prestige order for Westermo and we are very pleased with how the business area is developing, says Fredrik Jönsson, CEO and President of Beijer Electronics.

Bombardier has developed an "IP-train" which is the terminology for IP based communication on trains where all communication on a train is managed via an Ethernet-based network. By using Ethernet technology to control the train, different functions on board and passenger information can be managed in a more cost efficient way.

– Our deep knowledge of communication technology combined with Bombardier’s rail solutions results in an attractive solution that meets the market’s need for robust, reliable and cost efficient rail applications, says Lars-Ola Lundkvist, Director of Beijer Electronic’s Business Area IDC and Managing Director of Westermo.

For train operation, a railway specific network called TCN (Train Communication Network), was used and additional systems where needed to handle other functionality on board. With an Ethernet Backbone all communication on board can be handled via the same network which reduces cost and makes several specific functionalities possible. As an example the new rapid transit cars in Chicago will be equipped with a special leveling system to meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The system ensures that access to the car floor is in level with the station platform during boarding.

Products by Westermo are in the technical forefront within industrial data communication delivering data with high reliability in extremely hash environments with vibrations, large temperature differences and high humidity. Networking products are used in several other projects in water- and energy supply systems and in extracting oil and gas on the ocean floor.

For more information, please contact:
CEO and President Fredrik Jönsson,
tel +46 (0)40 35 86 00, mobile +46 (0)705 17 16 26
Business Area Director IDC and Managing Director of Westermo, Lars-Ola Lundkvist,
tel +46 (0)16 42 80 08, mobile +46 (0)706 61 02 01
Corporate Communications, Katarina Erichs Emilson,
tel +46 (0)40 35 84 96, mobile +46 (0)703 35 84 96

Beijer Electronics AB is a fast-growing company with extensive experience of automation, developing and marketing competitive products and solutions that focus on the user. Since start-up in 1981, Beijer Electronics has evolved into a multinational group with subsidiaries in 14 countries, some 550 employees and yearly sales of SEK 1.3 bn (2008). The company is listed on Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm’s Small Cap list, with ticker BELE.

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