We have a vision. That you should be able to interconnect machines, technical installations and IT systems in the cloud. And share, process and present the data of your choice. All within a few clicks, live at a real site.

Realized through Beijer Electronics’ open and flexible software, hardware and engineering tools, you will be able to do just that. Clever and user-friendly, so you can optimize operations.

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Challenge 1

It’s often complex and complicated to set up different automation equipment for a single unit.

Connecting and configuring different types of automation equipment can be tedious. Which communication protocols should be used? Where can I download the software? You will often spend a lot of time to find the right answers. And should you make just a single mistake, you’ll have to search all over to find where it went wrong. All taking time from the real assignment, to automate for efficiency, user-friendliness and best use of resources.

Our solution

WARP Engineering Studio for fast forward engineering.

With WARP Engineering Studio, you can create integrated HMI, control, drives and data communication solutions. WARP automatically configures all hardware, software and communication, and accesses all individual application software in your application, so everything is set up right from the start. What used to take days to set up, can be up and running in a few minutes.

Challenge 2

To exchange data between more units via the cloud involves different advanced technologies.

To optimize operation, different machines or units need to exchange data. You’ll need to set up different databases at the local units for the data required. Establish rules for how and when data should be transferred. Next, you’ll need to establish a secure communication to a cloud service.  And even the cloud service needs configuration. Specify data formats, which data should be stored and send, etc. A grey zone where both IT technicians and engineers often run into unknown territory.

Our solution

Simple, yet advanced drag-and-drop cloud solutions with WARP Engineering Studio.

With WARP Engineering Studio, you will be able to create secure cloud solutions simpler than ever before. Drag-and-drop a cloud object in your workspace. Connect your machines to the cloud by simply drawing lines to the cloud. Right click and configure the cloud solution straight away. Select data, transfer intervals and secure communication standards from user-friendly menu options and you’re done.

Challenge 3

Present data on smart phones, pads computer, PCs in a consistent way, regardless of platform.

To present data on a variety of different hardware platforms such as smart phones or pads or computers can be a challenge in itself. But to fetch data deep down from a machine controller, send it in a secure manner via the cloud and present it in a consistent way involves a variety of very different network and web skills not mastered by many.

Our solution

Modern HTML based presentations created in WARP Engineering Studio.

Within WARP Engineering Studio, you will be able to create powerful, graphic presentations with bargraphs, charts, trends, etc. of the data in the cloud. You will automatically inherit the secure communication standards of WARP’s cloud solution. Graphic presentation screens are created by simply configuring drag-and-drop template objects. Presentations are based on modern HTML technology, quickly designed and can be accessed safely from anywhere on smart phones, tablets, computers or PCs. 

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