BoX2 Configuration

Box2 Base Image

Select BoX2 Type

LAN A Settings Configuration

LAN B Settings Configuration

Delete the Current iX Project

Step 1

Select the BoX2 type.

Step 2

Fill in the required IP settings in the provided form.

Step 3

Select if you want to delete the currently running iX project.

Step 4

Click on "Export Settings" to download the configuration file "BoX2ConfigSet.json".

Step 5

Copy the downloaded "BoX2ConfigSet.json" file onto a USB flash drive or SD card.

Step 6

Connect the USB flash drive or SD card to the BoX2 device.

Step 7

To initiate the update process, safely unplug the BoX2 device and then plug it back in.

Step 8

Once the LED turns blue and starts flashing, the update is complete.
The BoX2 device is now configured with the new network settings.

Note: Ensure that you follow these steps carefully to update the BoX2 device successfully.