Available now - TxA starter kit with iX Developer



Four reasons why TxA is right for you

1. You will save time and at the same time increase the quality of your application using the smart engineering tools in iX Developer.

2. You can ensure efficient and safe operation of your application utilizing solid HMI functions such as recipes and audit trails, or by building in your own or third party solutions.

3. This high-quality HMI will help reduce risks of operation failure and maintenance costs as it’s designed and built for reliability and meeting the environmental demands throughout a long life in action.

4. The TxA starter kits offer you a unique opportunity to sharpen your competitive edge that you shouldn’t miss.

Seize this unique opportunity to experience the world’s most graphic operator interface, Beijer Electronics’ TxA operator panels. Choose between three starter kits consisting of the panel of your choice, PC cable and the intuitive configuration tool iX Developer.

Call or e-mail to order your new HMI:

+49 7022 9660 555
Beijer Electronics ABstarterkit@beijerelectronics.com


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